J.P.'s Alleweder site

Prejudices and facts

"Isn't it very dangerous?"

It's true that the driver of an Alleweder has only the view perspective of a sports car driver, which is clearly a disadvantage compared to a usual cyclist, at least in the traffic of the city centre. On the other hand the Alleweder has the increased safety of a aluminium covering with at least a bit of a crumple zone. The position of the driver is feet-first instead of head-first on a usual bike. On snow and ice during winter, three wheels give enhanced safety.

"It weights too much!"

The biggest impact on the total weight has always the driver. The Alleweder (35 kg) with driver (85 kg) has a total weight of 120 kg, a light racing bike (12 kg) with the same driver has 97 kg in total. So the Alleweder with driver only weights 20 % more than the racing bike, with a much better Cd value.

"Is this allowed by law?"

The Alleweder has no engine and is therefore by (german!) law regarded as a bicycle. The use of cycle paths is not compelling if the path is too narrow.

"For me it is too uncomfortable!"

The Alleweder has a full suspension and therefore is comfortable even on bumpy tracks. In the rain only the upper part of the torso gets wet, with an attached tarpaulin it's only the face. While in parking position, the Alleweder can't fall over.

"It's much too expensive!"

To be honest, the price of an new Alleweder is a bit deterring at first. But the recurrent costs of the Alleweder are almost zero! There are no tax and fuel expenses, a set of new tyres is rather cheap. Just compare this with the costs of your car!