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Models and versions

The first Alleweder by Bart Verhees (A1)

Alleweder A1

The first Alleweder was built by Bart Verhees in the late 80's as a student project. He used ordinary tools to build it. One year later, he built a second Alleweder with a unitized bodywork. The prototype had two 20" front wheels and a 26" rear wheel. Bart Verhees used his prototype for transport as well as for racing. He won a title in his start category for HPV's (Human Powered Vehicles).

The A1 has never been built in mass production.

The Flevobike-Alleweder (A2)

Alleweder A2

The A2 is the first version of the Alleweder being built in mass production. Almost 500 units of the A2 have been sold by Flevobike from 1992 up to 2000, most of them as (much cheaper) construction kits. With the first construction kits it was still necessary to cut the aluminium plates by hand and bend them. Later, the plates were prefabricated in the Fokker airplane works, wheel casings and other parts were now bended to allow everyone with a bit of expertise and patience to assemble the construction kit.

The wavy front part is characteristic for the A2, it gives the driver's knees the needed space while simulaneously allowing a comfortable view on the road. Although later versions of the Alleweder were surely constructed more practical and comfortable, the elegant appearance of the A2 was not reached again in my opinion.

The A2 is no longer produced in Europe, but in the USA a slightly improved version is still available at velomobileusa.com. Because of the large number of delivered units it is sold as second hand vehicle from time to time.

The Aluminium-Alleweder by Alligt (A3)

Alleweder A3

After Flevobike had handed over the production of the Alleweder to Alligt due to capacity reasons, Leo Visscher of Alligt further developed the Alleweder. Model A3 got a more comfortable hatch and increased baggage hold as well as a 26" rear wheel. With all the unquestionable technical improvements though the appearance has been sightly damaged.

The A3 is no longer produced.

The redesigned Aluminium-Alleweder by Alligt (A4)

Alleweder A4

Further improvements have been put into practice with model A4. Central parts are now built from massive aluminium instead of plates to optimize stability and weight. The rear wheel is shrinked to 20" again.

The Alleweder A4 can be ordered complete or as a construction kit. In the Netherlands it is sold by Alligt itself, in Germany it is distributed by Lohmeier Leichtfahrzeuge.

A shorter version of the Aluminium-Alleweder by Alligt (A5)

Alleweder A5

Especially for smaller people the A4 was shrinked and renamed to A5.

The Plastic-Alleweder by Alligt (A6)

Alleweder A6

An almost unchanged A4 chassis was combined with a newly designed plastic bodywork to result in the actual A6 Alleweder.

The A6 is also distributed in the Netherlands by Alligt and in Germany by Lohmeier Leichtfahrzeuge.

HPVs descending from the Alleweder

The Quest by velomobiel.nl


The Quest is a new development strongly influenced by the Alleweder, but with a widely revised construction and technology. Its shape is characterized by unconditional aerodynamics. At the Quest even the wheel casings are covered to further reduce air resistance, which on the other hand is responsible for a turning circle of more than 11 m. As the Alleweder, the Quest has a unitized bodywork, although made of plastic. Only a few parts are still made from metal.

The Quest is distributed by velomobiel.nl, currently you have to wait for your Quest for about 4 years.

The Mango by velomobiel.nl


If the Quest is not manoeuvrable enough for your needs, the Mango may fit your expectations. With the Mango, compromises were made considering the aerodynamics to improve manoeuvrability and manageability. At the Mango the wheel casings are open, the back is 40 cm shorter. The remaining construction is identical to the Quest.

The Mango was developed by Velomobiel.nl and distrinbuted by them until 2007, since then it is available at go-mango.nl.

The Cab-Bike


The Cab-Bike is a completely covered velomobile including windscreen and roof. Its construction principle is also based on the Alleweder, but the Cab-Bike is made of plastic. The top half of the body can be removed. There is also a version which leaves the driver's head uncovered.

The Cab-Bike is distributed by cab-bike.com in Gießen, Germany.

The Versatile


The Versatile is a velomobile with a construction similar to the Alleweder A6. It is made of plastic an has a comfortable hatch which can be hinged at the front.

The Versatile is designed by Flevobike and is distibuted by Ligfietsshop Tempelman.