J.P.'s Alleweder site


Alleweder with Trailer

It is easy to add a coupling to the Alleweder A2. With a trailer it is possible to go shopping with the Alleweder, though the achievable speed of course comes down to that of a normal bicyle with trailer.

Alleweder with Boat

This Photo of an Alleweder driver cycling his yacht to the port is supposed to be faked... ;-)

Alleweder at 1997 World HPV Championship Cologne

Several Alleweders at the 1997 World HPV Championship at the Roncalliplatz, Cologne, Germany. It seems that the favorite color of most Alleweder owners is yellow.

Alleweder in the Snow

On snow and ice the Alleweder has its special advantages: With its three wheels it cannot fall over and as the main brake affects only the front wheels, the back won't career even on an emergency stop. Nevertheless, in deep snow driving an Alleweder is much more exhausting than driving a normal bike, because the Alleweder has to press three trails into snow, compared with only one on a normal bicycle. The rear wheel must have a significant tread when driving in the snow to avoid tire spinning.

Alleweder tandem

A self-constructed Alleweder tandem made by Cab-bike.

Alleweder Elektronik

A view on the electronics I added to my Alleweder A2. (Pull the mouse over the photo to remove the nose. JavaScript must be activated)

With the nose removed most of the electronic components of my Alleweder are easily accessible.