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damaged alleweder side

It's obvious that crash tests like in the car industries are infeasible with the small-scale production of the Alleweder. So it is even more important to document any accidents that have happened with Alleweders involved. Helmut Kuske happened to have such an accident. He was driving on a cycle path alongside a country road when a car, which has ignored a stop sign at an entry, crashed sideways into his Alleweder A2. The car pushed him sideways across both lanes of the road. He was lucky that he sat in an Alleweder. Exept for an concussion and a few slight injuries he was not harmed! On a normal bicycle he probably would have been run over by the car and would have been heavily injured.

damaged alleweder inside

The front bulkhead has been massively distorted when absorbing the energy from the impact. But the rivet connection of the thin aluminium plates survived the crash.

damaged alleweder front


The photo on the right shows that the bodywork has been significantly distorted by the massive side impact. However, it has hardly been crushed. The driver has not been crushed in the Alleweder.