The Alleweder, built by the dutch enterprise Flevobike, is an HPV (=human powered vehicle) specially optimized for everyday use. It is comfortable because of full suspension and offers 80 litres space for luggage. The aluminium body is self bearing (without tube frame), incorrodable and has a very low air resistance, which has a direct effect on the achievable speed.

The steering horn can be comfortably used, although you have to become accustomed to its manipulation at first. Driving solidity is well, only with heavy luggage in the boot you have to be careful with turning the corners. Drum brakes inside both front wheels will stop the Alleweder quickly, if necessary. The increased weigth of 35 kg, compared with a normal bicycle, will only be noticed on ascents and acceleration. For rainy weather there is a additional cover, so there is only your head left to get wet.